Birthday Invitations Sample Wording
Toot the horn!
Bang the drum!
It's a party!
Can you come?

Who: (name)
what: (age) birthday party
when: (date), (time)
where: (address)

It's as simple as a-b-c
a birthday's more fun
if you share it with me!


It's as easy as 1-2-3
a party is planned
this is when it will be!

(day, date)

Sweets and treats and lots of fun
Let's celebrate as
turns (age)!
(day, date)
at (time)

(parents’ names)

Are you game
for a good time?

You're invited to a
(years) birthday party for
on (day, date)
from (time)

(host’s name)

Pizza and ice cream cones...
If only my parents
weren't going to be home!
We're staying up all night
talking 'til the morning light!

It's a slumber party
to celebrate my
(years) birthday

(day, date)
starting at (time)


It's hard to believe
he's/she's growing so fast
but it's true,
the time has come at last!

(Name) is celebrating
his/her (years) birthday
so help us celebrate,
have fun and play!
(day, date)
at (time)

(hosts’ names)

It's all fun and games at
(name) (age) birthday party!

On (date)
at (time)

(hosts’ names)

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